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Agtec trellis netting can be used as a vertical or horizontal support for crops and flowers as they grow. Thin 8g/sqm yet extremely strong. UV Stabilized for long life. Mesh size approx 6" x 7".

Agtec Trellis Support Netting

80" x 1640' Roll



  • 80" x 1640' or 2m x 500m.
  • UVA stabilized polypropylene
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Light in weight - easy to handle
  • Thin 8g/sqm but extremely strong
  • Rot and rust proof
  • Provides better exposure to light and air
  • Aseptic - reducing pesticide costs
  • Higher crop yields
  • Easier harvesting
  • Mesh size approximately 6" x 7"

This UV stabilized polypropylene netting is durable, practical, and encourages growth. By improving air circulation, exposure to sunlight, and reducing ground contact, this trellis netting can reduce the risk of plant damage due to mold, bacteria and fungus.

Use vertically to support growing vegetables like peas, tomatoes, pole beans and cucumbers, which grow to attach themselves to the net.  

Use horizontally in layers and allow plants to grow up through the netting, great for garden beds and medical marijuana growing. It provides perfect support for fragile flowers and stems and adds a very strong support structure ideal for growing healthy plants.

Maximize use of space, and make harvesting easier with this white lightweight polypropylene mesh.  It's strong, easy to install, will not rot, rust or mold, and lasts for years.




To install vertically, stake support posts down your rows at approximately every 24' apart.  Attach netting to the support posts using string or twine. Install a support cable such as monofilament support wire (available separately) or other strong cable or string through the netting at the top for further support. Then simply tie your plants to it as they grow.

To install horizontally stake 4 or more posts in the ground. The first 2 should be placed in the ground the width of your netting, the remainder should be placed opposite eachother every 6 - 20'. Screw or bolt wooden cross bars between opposing posts and  at the different heights you are going to space your layers of  trellis support.  The appropriate height of the posts will vary depending on the type of plants. Next attach your netting to the cross bars with string, staples or zip ties to hold in place, and unroll to the next crossbar to attach.   Repeat for additional layers.  For smaller plants such as flowers use several layers close together.

The netting is very versatile and there are many ways you can install this to support your plants such as putting over a hoop house or tunnel so that the crops beneath them grow through.

Monofilament or string may be used to strengthen the edges and minimize sagging.

Unit Ship Weight: 25 lbs


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